Thursday, 29 July 2010

ive been away. but now i'm back!
i dunno, i guess i've been eating normal. like 1000-1500cals a day. and walking 30-45 mins a day.
currently watching america's got talent. wishing i had a talent.
omg i actually love german people. ive been going to this summer thing..kinda like a summer camp, but not.
well anyways, its mainly for foreigners, but my friend and i got in for free through our school, so yeah there are so many germans and they are so nice. tottally not what i expected, and the guys..woooaah! :P
but the girls are so pretty and skinny, the boys drool over them :(
there is this girl, who has the perfect stomach. like she is HAWWT! i felt like asking her..HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET THAT FIT?' but thought that..i might seem a bit weird.

'dont wish for it, work for it jenny'..i kept telling myself :/

how is everyone?


  1. i'm working on my tummy - a new thing i started
    is holding my stomach in to the count of 10,
    5 reps. 3 - 5 x a day.